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What Antique Car Experts Are Saying About the Books of Barron Publishing

A History of Hudson and Its Nine Most Fabulous Cars

Author Mark James has done it again! His newest automotive book, A History of Hudson and Its Nine Most Fabulous Cars is a winner, loaded with beautiful photography, full of exacting detail, and loads of wonderful new information about the very best automobiles from one of America's greatest automobile companies. From the Super Six to the Italia, you'll enjoy a fascinating text and fabulous pictures brought together to tell a story that needed telling. This is a book you'll enjoy reading over and over.

Patrick R. Foster

Automotive historian and author

Mark James' new book, A History of Hudson and Its Nine Most Fabulous Cars, is an easy-to-read and well-researched documentation of the Hudson Motor Car Company that focuses upon its most significant products. Interwoven with the cars is important information relating to the American auto industry that provides the reader with a unique approach to automotive history. Accurate and informative, it is a 'must read' and would be a welcome addition to any car enthusiast's library.

Ken Poynter

Past president, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club; past president, Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society

Mark James has captured the essence of the Hudson Motor Car Company in his new book.

Larry Kennedy

Vice president, Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society

Studebaker's Hidden Treasure
The History and Design of the Studebaker Golden Hawk

Mark James has taken his love for Studebaker Golden Hawks and penned a definitive study of the brand. It is exciting when someone goes to exceptional lengths to provide research that is bound to help enthusiasts for decades to come. Mark’s passion shines through his book and it is an enjoyable read. We look forward to adding it to our AACA Library & Research Center archives.

Steve Moskowitz

Executive Director, Antique Automobile Club of America

Mark James, with his informative book, Studebaker’s Hidden Treasure, takes a close look at what many believe to be Studebaker’s most dramatic and well remembered line of vehicles, the 1956-58 Golden Hawks. This is no small claim for a company that, from 1852 to 1966, built many exceptional horse-drawn and self-propelled vehicles. I sincerely recommend Mark’s book to all who appreciate what great things can be achieved by a small struggling independent car company.

Fred K. Fox

Fred K. Fox, Studebaker historian and co-author of Studebaker, The Complete Story

Mark James has written a wonderful history of Studebaker’s Golden Hawks. He begins, as he must, with the 1953 Loewy coupes and then walks us through the last of the 1958 series. Because he himself owns two prize-winning Golden Hawks, Mark brings to this book an enthusiast’s appeal, but he also introduces us to the designers, engineers and sales people involved and puts these cars into the perspective of their commercial times. Altogether, it’s a book every Studebaker buff should have. 

Michael Lamm

Co-author of A Century of Automotive Style: 100 Years of American Car Design

Studebaker's 1962-64 Gran Turismo: Final Flight of the Hawk

James’s attention to detail is apparent and appreciated. The information is presented in an easy-to-read style, the end result being a book most automotive scholars and enthusiasts will probably read from cover to cover in one sitting. Studebaker’s 1962–64 Gran Turismo: Final Flight of the Hawk is a worthy addition to any enthusiast’s library, especially the libraries of Studebaker aficionados. Highly recommended.

Bob Palma

Technical editor, Turning Wheels; Studebaker advisor to Hemmings publications; quarterly columnist, Hemmings Classic Car

Mark’s new book is not only an excellent read, it is an accurate and informative account of the development and history of the 1962–64 Studebaker GT Hawks. It will no doubt be an excellent point of reference in the future for this iconic automobile.

Stu Chapman

Director of advertising and public relations 1964–66, Studebaker of Canada, Limited; author, My Father The Car: Memoirs of Life with Studebaker

Mark James has written a remarkably thorough and well-documented review of the 1962–64 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk. This book pulls together all the important elements of Studebaker’s final years as an American automobile company, including those developments that led to the GT Hawks. Mark takes the reader from the GT Hawk’s progenitor, the celebrated 1953 Loewy Coupes and hardtops, through the high performance Super Hawks of 1963 and 1964. It’s the kind of book that makes one wonder why no one has covered this material in this way before. Every Studebaker enthusiast should have a copy.

George D. Krem

Past president of the Studebaker Drivers Club; author of numerous articles about Studebakers


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